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SKINCOMM UNICEL System / Science-based Skincare System / Transform your skin in 30 days

  • $914.00

Five products in one wholistic skincare system.

SKINCOMM® UNICEL System brings you fuss-free radiance in the comfort of your home.
A science-based skincare system to target multiple skin woes for your skin-health sustainability. Reinforced with our proprietary AL-GLUTAS® cell energiser actives and TriDefenx ™  skin protection solutions, this multiple targeting One&All skincare system consists of 5 clean formulation products to transform your skincare regimen into one efficacious specialised treatment. You can administer the UNICEL System as your fuss-free daily skincare routine and further revitalise your skin with a weekly intensive ritual, in the comfort of your home. Give your skin the optimised care to bring out your natural radiance, towards youthful and near-flawless complexion..

Skincomm advocates Clean Formulation (means no toxic ingredients). The R&D and manufacturing process do not include animal testing, adhere to GMP standard.  UNICEL System’s skincare efficacies are validated with In-Vivo and In-Vitro clinical tests. Suitable for most skin types even sensitive skins / baby skin. 


Reveal your radiant glow with your first set of Unicel at S$889 + S$25 for your 2 years’ SKINCOMM-UNITY Associateship access.

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