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WouWou Facial Mask / Wowo Water Secret Tea Polyphenols Silk Face Mask

  • $30.00

World novelty face mask that made with Tea Polyphenols antioxidants that’s reduce pigmentation and give you ultimate fair glow. and keep your skin forever young. best anti-inflammatory product for sensitive skin

Packing: 5 sheets in a box


  1. 1. Brighten the dull complexion
  2. Reduce wrinkles
  3. Give a perfect base for long last makeup
  4. For fair and translucent skin
  5. Prevent aging effects on skin
  6. Lighten acne scars
  7. Minimize pores

How to use: After cleaning the face, tear off the outer white film gently, then put silk mask on your face, adjust the mask to the appropriate location and wait for 20-30 minutes. remove the mask and clean face with water, for best results repeat this 2 -3 times a week. Preferly use after wash face with wowo cleaning solution and applying wowo nutrition toner

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